April 2023 Update

Another few drafts drafted, still no posts. I figured it was time just to write something.

It is finals week and I’m watching the final lecture of my Digital Signal Processing (DSP) class and it is on doing Discrete Fourier Transform in Matlab.

I still have to write a few audio filters and do a test for my Principles of Engineering Mathematics course. One more week…

This summer I am taking it “easy” and only taking one class Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) class which is something I’ve always wanted to take. This is the book: https://www.amazon.com/Chip-Design-Submicron-VLSI-Simulation/dp/053446629X although we are using the 2nd edition which I had to get through the university bookstore.

I’m still working while doing this Masters and I have had to do serious time management to not get fired and still get A’s 🙂

Hopefully I come out unscathed from the incoming layoffs.

Around the house, the garden is booming and I am still planning to build an outdoor kitchen. The shop is still a mess and the dust collection system is half-way done. More to come on this.

I’m developing quite the guitar pedal habit also… still trying to figure out my signal chain.