AR4 Robotic Arm Build

In this post I will be summarizing the build of the Annin Robotics AR4 Robotic Arm. Last semester I started my Masters in Science from University of West Florida and my focus is in Robotics. In the Introduction to Robotics course the student must build or procure and arm and perform some tasks with it.

I’ve built a toy arm before and I decided it was time to build a “real” arm. The AR4 is quite an investment, but the results of millimeter repeatability and a 2kg payload make it an excellent kit if you have the skills and time to build it.

Unsurprising the build of this robot took the most effort. Currently the arm is sitting in garage awaiting me adding another axis and building a CNC table…

Sorting M&Ms with Vision

Pipe Cleaner 2023

Hello. Long time, rest assured I am well.

My drafts keep growing, but my public posts stagnate. Let me just push something out.

It has been about 2 years since I moved back to Florida from Seattle, quit posting on social media, and seriously tried to pickup some hobbies outside of computers.

Last fall I enrolled in a Masters of Science program at UWF and after this semester I will be about half-way done. I’ve been quite happy with it so far. Relearning and applying all that calculus I nearly forgot. Still have the day job and we have finally shipped the software that inspired many of the posts in the past.

Time will tell if we made the right decisions, but so far everything is faster and we are able to extend and build confidently.

Many books have been added to my bookshelf. Most have been read but some still await.

Next post I plan to write a bit about building the AR4 robotic arm…